Meditation Group

Weekly Meditation &Contemplation Group

We invite you to practice meditation with the support of a group. Our group uses an approach to meditation/contemplation based on the Christian tradition. Everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a spiritual practice, spiritual companionship, have no affiliation with any Spiritual Tradition, but want to meditate for the many known health benefits.     We practice meditation sitting on a chair so it is suitable for all age groups and mobility levels.

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Skype Meditation Group

This group meets on a Sunday evening at 7.30 pm NZT. It allows people, both local and non-local or who are unable to travel, to participate in distance group meditation. The session commences with a short prayer; then a small reflection related to meditation; followed by participants thoughts; then a 20 minute meditation; and closes with a short prayer. The maximum total time is one hour. For further information contact Ken Hutchison at  or send him a contact request.


Study Groups

Led by Ken Hutchison 

Weekly  Studies will resume on Thursday 1st February  2018.
First Light- "Jesus and the Kingdom of God" 

The Hope - A Guide to Sacred Activism

This month:THE MESSAGE OF FATHER BEDE GRIFFITHS. "One of the greatest mysteries of the path is that the divine will guide you to meet, at the time when you are ready and receptive, the beings who can lead you forward. As Rumi wrote: The lovers are never abandoned by Destiny; Destiny will unveil to them the sign they will need and hold out to them, in a golden cup, the wine they are thirsty for.” - Andrew Harvey.


  Monthly at a home at 7.30 pm. The next meeting is on  Monday 26 February 2018.

  .  For further information contact Ken Hutchison on 8710213.

The Bible taken seriously not literally

The Bible taken seriously not literally

The table focus for Communion services

The table focus for Communion services